Luft Fusion air spring upgrade for Dyad RT2 shocks


This modification increases the size of the negative air chamber. Like megneg, debonair, evol, etc. but even more effective: the spring rate becomes almost perfectly linear in the first 2/3 of the stroke making the shock very similar to a coil. The chart says it all: more supple at the beginning, more supported at the middle and end travel. More traction, doesn't blow trough travel in compressions and bermed corners, more lively and "poppy".
The chart refers to long travel mode; in short travel the spring curve changes in the same way, more subtly but noticeable.

Compatible with Jekyll, Trigger, Claymore.

It requires 20% more air pressure in all chambers to keep the same sag. Only 20 grams. Installation takes 15 mins without even unbolting the shock from the frame.

80€ including shipping within EU

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