Ghost Nivolet 4 2015

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Veröffentlicht 06.04.2021 08:34
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Hersteller Ghost
Zustand gebraucht, wie neu
Versandkosten 75
Abholung Nein
Gewicht 9
Farbe weiß
Rahmengröße 53 cm
Steuerrohr Tapered 1⅛″/1,5″
Material Carbon
Gänge 22
Händler Nein
Land Unbekanntes Land (lt) lt
Ridden about 2000km in good weather over 4 years. Original chain still on. has a 0.75mm wear though. New chain will be supplied with the bike. New original handlebar tape.
Shimano 105 groupset. Frame size ST53, TT55. Not stolen, and never crashed. Very slight signs of wear on the saddle; almost none on the frame and the groupset. 
Bought from the official dealer Veloma in Klaipeda in 2016.
Shipping with a shuttle van at a price of 50-100eur to all Europe. Accept PayPal, Revolut, any other bank transfer.