Eskapee Anthology I Bildband

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Eskapee Anthology I Bildband MTB

- UVP 20 Pfund, aber ausverkauft
- neuwertig
- Fotos und Texte der bekannten Radprofis und -Fotografen
- Versand 4€

Eskapee sagt:

Eskapee Anthology is mountain bike culture. The book brings [url=/store-eskapee/]Eskapee[/url]’s celebrated storytelling to life, from online to beautiful paper and ink.

Eskapee is the best, most authentic and downright inspiring mountain bike media outlet and it made the leap from virtual dreams to real life. From online to in print, Eskapee joined teams with Misspent Summers to create this beautiful, memorable, landmark print product. The Eskapee Antholog 1. 
From the southern peaks of New Zealand to the fjords of Norway, land protection to mental health, Eskapee Anthology 1 explores the world of mountain biking in glorious photography and meaningful writing. Over the course of 15 stories and 220 pages, Anthology 1’s multi-national scribes and snappers take its reader from peaks to plains and highs to lows, delivering the best-curated collection of two-wheeled storytelling on sale this year.
James McKnight worked as Managing Editor and Publisher, with Chris Jones in charge of design and excellent coffee making. Eskapee founder Damian Breach commissioned and edited the portfolio of outstanding work, and oversaw the project.
Thank you to the outlet’s passionate contributors for producing such a fantastic array of varied but equally inspired features. We thoroughly enjoyed putting this together.

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