Cannondale Lefty Olaf Fatbike

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Brand Cannondale
Condition neu
Pickup no
Location Zelhem
Steerer Type Headshok/Lefty
Weight 2290
Color Black
Federungstyp Air
Travel 100 mm
Reifenfreiheit 4.8"
Axle Type Lefty Olaf
Wheel Size 26"
Hub Width (Front) Sonstige
Dealer Yes
Country Niederlande nl
Nagelneuer Lefty Olaf Fatbike Gabel
im Originalverpackung mit Garantie!

wir haben die Gabel lagernd in3 Clampsizes, 97mm , 122mm und 134mm. Bitte bei Bestellung spezificieren welche clampsize gewünscht ist!

 With the amazing grip that fatbike tires can garnet you need a fork that´s up to the task.
Here is it :  the Lefty Olaf.

Wider Crowns and Axle, with clearance for full 4.8" tires.
Needs a special Lefty Hub 73 mm width
Fork Rake of 60mm- longer offset makes the bike more agile with big tires.
Offered in 4 different crown spacings to fit different head tube clamp spacing (97/112/1242/134mm).
Minimum stem length 50mm.

Material (Detail):   Alloy Outertube + 36mm Innertube
Wheel Size        :  26''
Damp & Spring: PBR- Push Botton Remote oil damper with external rebound adjustment and a firm threshold wich offers great efficiency for climbing and the Solo Air Spring (self adjusting negative spring)
Travel (mm)     : 100
Weight             : 2290g