Luft Fusion air spring for Fox 36, Zeb, Lyrik, Yari, Pike, Revelation, air shaft 150 - 180

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The Luft Fusion air spring is the final stage in the evolution of air forks.

Current stock forks suffer from an excessively small negative chamber due to dimensional limitations. That is equivalent to a 75kg rider with a coil spring that starts at 100kg, drops to 50kg in the middle of the travel then ramps up to 100 a the end.

The particular architecture of the Luft Fusion overcomes the limits of the traditional design. The negative chamber is about double the size than stock air forks and the positive chamber is increased by about the equivalent of 1-2 tokens; the lower leg volume is unchanged.
This results in a perfectly linear spring curve in the first 2/3 of travel, then becomes progressive in the last part. The end stroke progression is tunable with the original tokens. I't like a progressive coil spring, but tunable and lightweight like air. The best of both worlds.

In practice:
+ predictability and intuitivity thanks to a constant spring rate in the first 2/3 of travel
+ more suppleness at the beginning of the stroke -> more traction (especially on low-grip surfaces) and comfort
+ more supported in the mid-stroke -> less diving under braking and on steeps, even with less compression damping!
+ thanks to the enlarged positive chamber it's possible to have less end-stroke progression, allowing even lighter riders to achieve full travel
+ no need for advanced damper tuning. The air spring does what it should; you can set the damper to your needs without compromises.

The system uses a positive and a negative chamber, self equalizing, and replaces the lower air shaft only, keeping the original upper cap and valve (and tokens). There are no special valves, floating pistons, etc. that can fail or leak. Only one extra seal (static) compared to a standard air spring. No need for external air tanks, dual positive chambers, dual crowns (or 1,5 crowns).
It requires about 60% more air pressure, and adds only 60gr.

Air springs are currently available for the following models:
- Rockshox Lyrik, Yari, Pike (2018+), Revelation       159€     + 60% air pressure
- Rockshox ZEB                                                     189€     + 60% air pressure
- Fox 36 (2018+), Rythm, Marzocchi Z1                  169€     + 75% air pressure
- Fox 38                                                               189€     + 15% air pressure

The price includes EU,UK shipping. For other countries please contact me.

If you have any questions just ask.

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