Ibis Titanium Mojo - mtb history unicorn!

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Hersteller Ibis
Zustand gebraucht
Versandkosten 35
Abholung Ja
Ort Strasbourg
Rahmengröße M
Steuerrohr 1⅛″
Laufradgröße 26"
Sattelstützendurchmesser Sonstige
Material Titan
Händler Nein
Land Frankreich fr
Selling an extremely rare and sought-after bike frame: the famous titanium Mojo.
One of the best XC frame of its time, with butted titanium tubes, a masterpiece of titanium manufacturing and welding.
Real collector, its value continues growing with time, any sale is an event in the small world of old school mtb lovers. Here's an occasion to buy this exceptional piece of history.
Some superficial chainsuck traces on the right wheelbase, otherwise very good condition.
Size M.