Ultra-Light UD/3K Carbon fiber sattelstütze (seatpost), 27.2 x 400mm

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Hersteller Ultra-Light
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Farbe Carbon fiber
Sattelstützendurchmesser 27,2 mm
Sattelstützenlänge 400 mm
Material Carbon fiber
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Land Niederlande nl
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Brand new, never used, ULTRA-LIGHT carbon fiber seatpost (sattelstütze).

Full specifications:

- Made in Toray T1000 carbon fiber. Available in UD or 3K carbon fiber.

- Matt finish.

- Unlike other ight seatposts on the market, this one doesn't have a pass thru cylinder; the bolt support is integrated in the seatpost and made in carbon. Design is similar to the good old Thomson Elite/Masterpiece seatpost, but made in full carbon instead of aluminium.

- Seatpost diameter is 27.2mm (also available in 31.6mm, check my other items for sale). Stock length is 400mm, but can be cut to shorter length easily, just like you cut the tube of a new carbon fork head tube.

- Bolts are made in CNC titanium. 

- The cradle or bed for the saddle rails is made in a carbon fiber mold with full support for the saddle rails; light and strong.

- This seatpost has no rider weight limit, it can handle riders of 120Kg without issues. It's very strong, in spite of being so light, wall thickness is considerable and bolts are made in titanium. The weight advantage is achieved by the simple design, not by reducing strength.

- 1 year warranty.

- It should be installed using carbon paste or carbon grease, just like any carbon component, to increase adherence and reduce tightening torque. Of course, use a torque wrench for both saddle rails and seatpost clamp.

- Seatpost setback is 0.00mm.

- Compatible with thick oval carbon rails. Stock bolts are long enough for larger rails and can be also cut to length.

- Real weight is 136g in 27.2x400mm (133g in 31.6x400mm). Weight can vary plus or minus 10 grams from these declared weights. Weight will be reduced extra grams if you have to cut it to road length or 350 or 250mm.

PRICE: 62€

Shipping costs are 10€ by DHL with Track & Trace service, to any EU country.