Magicshine MJ-6058 Helmhalterung und Hardcase NEU

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Magicshine MJ-6058 Helmhalterung und Hardcase NEU

Magicshine tool-free helmet mount MJ-6058, compatible with most o-ring mounted bike lights, such as MJ-900/MJ-902/MJ-906. NOT compatible with Garmin 1/4 based bike lights including Allty series, Monteer series, MJ-900S/902S/906S, RAY series and RN series.
Adding a helmet mounted light to your existing bar mounted bike lights gives an enhanced night time riding experience. By positioning an extra light higher up you get added perspective, enabling faster and more technical riding on the mountain trails.
The slightly larger attachment gives you some discretion over the angle of beam from your light head, meaning you can use the light for many other activities not just night riding.
A Velcro strap allows the helmet mount to be fitted and removed from your vented helmet within seconds.
We recommend the purchase of a suitable extension cable to ensure there is sufficient cable length for your light to reach the battery.

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