Enduro Bearings Enduro MAX bearings (for Giant / Banshee)

Hi there,

I'm selling some sets of Enduro Max bearings.

First, this was once a complete kit for the Giant Faith 2010+, also fitting the Glory from the same era.
That said, the big main bearings in the set are used, the rest I have left:

4x 6800 LLU MAX - 19x10x5mm
4x 6900 LLU MAX - 22x10x6mm
2x 6902 LLU MAX - 28x15x7mm

Second, I have some main bearings left from my old Banshee Scythe. Might also fit other frames:

2x 6003 LLU MAX - 35x17x10mm

Let me know if you need any of these bearings, I just don't want to throw them away.
Prices are mainly based on postage costs and on how thirsty I am.

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